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Getting Started
Adding Patient To Database
After installing, launch the application, create a patient profile
by selecting "Patient" button.

The Android version, it is not essential to enter
patient information
(Only in Windows version)

Enter all patient's details in fields. The software
will warn you if a required field has not been filled.
You will not ne able to save patient profile if not all
fields are entered correctly.

After all information entered, click on "Save" button.

Here you enter your treatments that you had for the day.
If you have single treatment for multiple sites, then
enter each sites seperately.

When tapping on Treatment button you have option to
modify/delete entries or delete complete database.

Backup option allows you to write to a CSV (comma seperated file) which the Windows version can import. The Windows
version you can
print reports as well as graphic report and
you can export to XLS (Excel) file.
You also can export/import database for backup purposes.

Here you can graphically view via pie chart which are your
target problem areas of treatment.

Check Update:
This button will check on Cybercorp's web site if a newer version is available. You can also check via your browser if
the market place has an update should you have problems.

NB! - Always backup your data and keep in a safe place.

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